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There’s a great place to work in Painesville, Ohio, where you will earn good money right from the start, recieve employee benefits, & get excellent training to advance your career. At this place, you will be part of a team that values & respects your abilities.
That place is
Erie International Group.

What is Erie International Group?

Erie International Group (EIG) a “green” company that develops and manufactures natural animal food ingredients and specialty chemicals from renewable raw materials. We supply product in a series of Oleochemical Segments.  Working here means you can feel great being a part of an ethical organization with an excellent training program that makes a difference in our world.


At EIG, we have 60-70 employees. Many are union employees, with some in operations and in maintenance. We also staff a Management Team, Sales, Logistics, and Lab. The operator roles are union roles and a high school diploma or GED meet application requirement for most roles.

Safety & FSSC

Our plant runs according to high quality and safety systems, including ISO 22000 and PAS 222. Our firm is FSSC 22000 and ISO 9001:2015 certified with 350+ pages of supporting documents. Annual HACCP reviews and employee training support systems are in place.


Excellent pay and benefits, and flexible shifts in a supportive cohesive environment.

Our starting pay far exceeds the Ohio minimum wage

  • Utility starts @ $17/hour

    • High School Diploma or GED Equivalent​

  • Operators start at $20/hour

    • High School Diploma or GED Equivalent​

Includes two weeks of paid vacation per year and overtime pay.

Union benefits include medical (with an attractively low deductible), dental, vision, and 401k. 

Optional lifestyle-attractive shift package of 4-On and 4-Off.

That means you can work four days, then have four days off. It’s like taking a “mini- vacation” every other week!

Shift trades permitted

Thanks to our comprehensive training program and flexible schedule, our associates can “trade” shifts with colleagues as needed. 

About our positions.

Each role will be involved with operating or managing technical laboratory and/or industrial equipment. Our plant and degreed laboratory are staffed 24/7. Quality control measures are applied for all inbound raw material. Outbound products are analyzed before shipment to ensure high quality, safe animal food and products

Your skills are valuable.

Your skills are in high demand! We invite you to apply if you have mechanical instincts and like to know how things operate. 

Why settle for low paying jobs with no future? Build your career in our friendly, growth-oriented organization. All that is required to apply is a high school degree or GED for Operator and Maintenance roles. Chemistry and laboratory roles require a bachelor’s degree.

Training for autonomy, not micromanaging.

EIG offers exceptional training in which every new hire works side-by-side with an experienced associate for 4-8 weeks to learn all aspects of the job before working independently across seven manufacturing functions. Enjoy variety in your work schedule without being micromanaged.

You have a voice.

The management structure at EIG is “flat” with all levels of associates, including entry-level staff, working as equally contributing members of the team. We encourage our employees to share ideas, think on their feet, and grow into new opportunities. Everyday, our employees provide solutions to for their team.

Our employees frequently interact with supervisors and the General Manager of the facility. We work as one to achieve production goals in a safe, efficient environment.

EIG values employee diversity, and we’re part of a respected family of companies, which includes Erie Tropical Resources, Pullman Sugar, Pullman Innovations and Dutch Farms.


See what employees are saying about working at EIG

“Very good and plenty of training – they won’t let you go on the floor on your own until you are well trained. I started here and after 2.5 years, I’ve trained in many different areas and can now run almost 75% of the plant!”
“This is a great place to work if you don’t like having to lift a bunch of heavy stuff like I had to do at other plants.”
“I previously worked as a wax injector for eight years. A friend recommended Erie, and I joined as an operator. I like that there is less micromanagement. It’s a nice, open environment. Everyone knows their job, and the plant works like a single organism. There’s also horizontal management – no top-down approach. We can talk to Gregg (General Manager) without going through hurdles. Erie is very open to suggestions, and people listen to your opinion.”

“This is far less hazardous than many plants. You don’t have to wear so much protective gear as in many other chemical factories. There just aren’t as many toxic chemicals compared to other manufacturing or chemical companies in the area. While Erie does works with steam at 300 degrees, and high pressure and hydrogen gas in reactors, the working environment is much safer and we have tons of training before we ever work on our own in order to ensure safety.”

“I work as a chemist doing scientific testing on raw material and help ensure the quality of products. This was my first job after college with my BioChem degree. It’s been a great entry-level job. I like that there is a good variety of work with no micromanagement, and we have independence. The 4 on and 4 off is pretty sweet, too. The biggest challenge is that the workflow gets busy sometimes, and there are some ups and downs in the sheer volume of workflow. Plus, it’s really busy during truck loading/unloading.”

Start your career today at Erie International Group

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