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Blending, Packaging & Logistics

For post processing of materials, Erie International Group has a state-of-the art Prilling Tower and 60 000 square foot warehouse with tanks for custom-blended products. Recently added to our finished and packaged product options is a flaker line, giving our customers increased choices in how they would like to receive their finished product. 

"The value of an idea lies in the using of it."

EIG offer many services and innovative solutions to manufacturing obstacles. Below we list our current 

See below for some of our capabilities for blending material and packaging. EIG's logistic team is equipped to coordinate national and international transportation from our facility to your customers.


Contact us for any questions or specific needs your company may have.

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Product Packaging

Post processing of materials give our customers increased choices in how they would like to receive their finished product. 

Liquid Capabilities
  • Tank Wagon (Bulk)

  • Railcar (Bulk)

  • Tote (2000lb)

  • Drum (400lb)

Spray Dried (Prill) Capabilities
  • Hopper Wagon (Bulk)

  • Super Sack (2000lb)

  • Custom Bag (50lb)

Flaked Capabilities​
  • Super Sack (2000lb)

  • Custom Bag (50lb)


EIG has a high-capacity Prilling Tower, which is a specialized equipment used for post-processing of materials. The Prilling Tower enables the transformation of liquid oleochemicals into solid prills or granules through a controlled cooling process. This technology enhances the ease of handling, transportation, and application of the final oleochemical products.

Prill is a solidified bead/sphere about 400 microns in size. The uniformity and stability of the prill results in less hazardous product with a dependable flow‐ability, low compaction rate, and ease of measurement.


   Benefits of prilled product:

  • Consistent size distribution

  • No degradation of size

  • No clumping

  • No compaction

Prill photo.png
  • Dependably flowable

  • Consistent bulk density

  • Temperature stability


A recently added flaking line provides an additional post-processing capability. The flaking line is utilized to convert liquid or semi-solid oleochemicals into flakes, which offer specific advantages in certain applications. Flaking enhances product versatility and ease of use for some of our customers.

Flaked material is a hard brittle of various sizes.


Benefits of flaked product:

  • Holds shape

  • Enhance product stability

  • For systems already established for flaked material

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