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Our Facilty

Erie International Group develops and manufactures animal food ingredients and innovative specialty chemicals from sustainable raw materials. Through our partnership with Erie Tropical Resources, we refine, bleach and deodorize numerous types of vegetable oils. Operating out of Northeast Ohio, our facility proudly serves the North American and South American animal nutrition, specialty chemical, and food markets.

Our versatile plant is capable of running both stand-alone and integrated processes, which allows us to manufacture the highest-value animal feed and industrial products. Using proprietary refining, hydrogenation, distillation, acidulation and saponification techniques, we’re rethinking oleochemicals in the pioneering way we refine materials into superior prime products.

There is no precedent for our exact type of refining and production technologies. EIG are undertaking award-winning, groundbreaking work that partners our business with some of the world’s best food industry, animal nutrition and consumer products organizations.

Also uncommon for the industry, our high-tech, on-site lab creates bench-top experiments that duplicate our production methods and outcomes. Our recent multimillion-dollar investment in a new lab further advances our analytical capabilities.

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