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Hardy Animal Nutrition 

Hardy Animal Nutrition (HAN) develops and manufactures natural animal feed ingredients for the dairy, poultry and swine industries. We create these products using our patented process uniquely refined vegetable and animal-based, fats and oils from sustainable resources.


No company surpasses HAN’s ability to effectively custom-make animal feed ingredients from rigorously tested co-products. Our versatile plant is capable of running both stand-alone and integrated processes, which allows us to manufacture the highest-value feed supplements.

Hardy Animal Nutrition is the back end of our diverse production facility, which is located on 25 acres in Painesville Township, Ohio. In 2010, we invested several million dollars into the construction of our first one-of-a-kind prill tower facility for the production of dry animal feed ingredients.

After an additional multimillion-dollar investment in 2013, HAN launched another unique prill tower with upgraded and expanded capabilities to manufacture a variety of products, including exclusive varieties of animal feed ingredients.

The new 60,000+ square-foot operation allows us to bulk-load higher-quality products into trucks in record time and to house massive product inventory. The prill facility continues to generate record volumes of materials and poises us for ongoing diversity, flexibility and high-growth in natural products development.

Advantages of our new prill facility:

  • Increased capacity for custom-blended products

  • Opportunity to make new, custom brands

  • Ability to run plant 24/7, in hot or cold weather

  • Real-time monitoring of operating variables

  • On-demand product fulfillment

  • Added processing options

  • Packaging of higher quality products faster

  • Automated high-speed product loading

  • New inbound/outbound transport options

  • Improved product flowability

As an ISO 22000:2005, PAS 222-certified, and FSSC 22000 organization HAN adheres to food and feed safety management systems and standards for manufacturing high-quality liquid and dry animal feed ingredients. We apply methods to improve the effectiveness of our technologies, increase animal feed quality, reduce the risk of errors and maximize the use of our supply chain resources.

HAN has the exceptional knowledge, analytical skills and logistics intelligence to deliver bulk liquid and dry feed ingredients, as well as packaged materials, that meet exact customer specifications. We are a central source for research and development, procurement, production and on-time delivery. Customers benefit from our unrivaled competencies, flexible manufacturing capabilities, sense of urgency and the collaborative spirit with which we produce quality animal feed products.

Our specialty feed elements originate from raw materials subject to our strict quality controls. We thoroughly test and analyze our animal nutrition components in our state-of-the-art, on-site laboratory to consistently ensure the highest product quality and safety.

In addition to meticulously analyzing inbound raw materials, we also conduct in-depth screening of mid-process products and an extensive evaluation of finished products to ensure they meet customer quality expectations. Our upcoming multimillion-dollar investment in a new lab will further advance our technical capabilities.

Hardy Animal Nutrition’s significant knowledge of the North American fats, oils and greases market uniquely positions us to explore and manufacture custom animal feed ingredients to the precise requirements of our customers. We source our raw materials from the most sophisticated, expansive supply chain network in the industry.

We’re closely linked to one of the world’s leading animal nutrition suppliers. Through this association, HAN is connected to some of the foremost animal scientists, production animal operators, and feed manufacturers and retailers. This helps us keep our finger on the pulse of market trends.

No firm in the animal feed industry can qualify and acquire ingredients and convert them into specialized, packaged goods within a single facility. HAN’s products are delivered directly from our site to feed manufacturers and farms.

Hardy Animal Nutrition’s integrated facilities provide the ability to manufacture and distribute quality, on-spec natural animal feed ingredients in a variety of forms. Our operation is, in a word, unequaled.

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